Day 1 of our Workshop Series


Sunday 14th June 9-11am

Facilitators:  Frauke Huhn & Philippa Williams

Class level: Open (6-12yrs)

Max: 16 People

2 Hrs


Class description:

Lets play! Acting is the key to a world full of imagination and surprise where you can jump in and out of different roles, landscapes and situations as you please!

This theatre workshop will be a fun-packed, enriching adventure with benefits for personal and social development. We will explore some of the basics of stagecraft, the art of acting, storytelling, movement and voice. In an atmosphere of positivity and trust let your talent and creativity shine! 



Sunday 14th June 11.30-1.30pm

Facilitator: Anouska Gammon

Class level: Open

Max – 20 People

2 Hrs

This workshop will focus on the basic technique of Contemporary Dance and will give participants an experience of movement that encourages self expression. Contemporary dance is a wonderful tool for understanding the natural body capabilities in movement. The class will be structured in typical Contemporary style with a Yoga based warm up, exercises that build gradually, and a movement phrase to learn. Anouska Gammon has been learning, teaching and choreographing Contemporary Dance for 20 years and currently choreographs for State Schools Ensemble, and Schools Spectacular. All levels of ability welcome!



Sunday 14th June 2-6pm

Facilitator: Adrian Brett

Class level: Open (Adults & Teenagers)

Max – 15 People

4 Hrs


Everyone does yoga but hardly anyone has a regular voice practice! The physical, emotional and physical benefits that a regular voice practice brings are powerful. For actors and singers a voice practice is essential.

In this workshop you will learn a fundamental voice warm-up, which, if you practice it regularly, will sustain and transform your voice. In the process you will learn about voice/body connection, tension release, breath, resonance, pitch and articulation, whilst having a lot of fun. There will be an emphasis on language and we will explore a couple of poetic and dramatic texts, using choral and individual speaking.

 Adrian Brett trains actors at The Actors Workshop and The Aboriginal Centre for the Performing Arts, in Brisbane. He is passionate about the voice and loves facilitating people in developing an active and joyous connection with their voice and with language.